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New Series: Okta


The identity and access management industry is growing daily as companies realize that they need to focus more time and energy on protecting their data and controlling access. Plenty of tools have arrived to help fill in the gaps and help make things easier for administrators to manage.

For the next couple of weeks, I’m going to do a deep dive into one of those options – Okta.

Okta was founded in 2009, hit unicorn status ($1+ billion valuation) in 2015, and IPO’d in 2017. They’ve grown even further since then and have become one of the primary identity management tools, supporting companies from the startup level up to Fortune 500 corporations. They announced this month that they were acquiring Auth0, a quasi-competitor with a focus on authentication and authorization.

I had the opportunity earlier this month to work through Okta’s entry-level training curriculum, and have also spent some time digging into the Okta administrator dashboard. I’ve started this new series of posts to track my own training and also provide some outside references to IAM essentials to help fill in the gaps for other learners. I have no affiliation with Okta. Just trying to level up my own skills.

The plan is to loosely follow the Okta Basics curriculum – one post per day with things I’ve learned, as well as external links. I’ve completed the Basics course once before and definitely found it useful – I recommend signing up if you’re using Okta in your organization.


Day 1 – Introduction to Identity & Access Management with Okta
Day 2 – Introduction to Workforce Identity
Day 3 – Managing Okta-Mastered Users
Day 4 – Managing AD-Mastered Users
Day 5 – Managing LDAP-Mastered Users
Day 6 – Managing Single Sign-On
Day 7 – Automating Lifecycle Management
Day 8 – Workflows and Automating Tasks
Day 9 – Multifactor Authentication
Day 10 – Managing API Access
Day 11 – Advanced Server Access
Day 12 – Configuring O365 with Okta
Day 13 – Okta’s Access Gateway
Day 14 – Configuring Universal Directory and User Profiles
Day 15 – End User Support & The Okta Help Center
Final training certification

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