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Okta – Day 14 – Configuring Universal Directory and User Profiles


Okta Basics Curriculum: Configure Universal Directory and User Profiles

Via Okta:
Many companies have multiple identity sources with different types of users, such as contractors, partners, customers, and acquired companies’ employees. 

Okta Universal Directory provides a single view across all these groups with AD and LDAP directory integrations and out-of-the-box connections with HR systems like Workday, SaaS apps like G Suite, CSV files, and third-party identity providers.

There’s a good architecture whitepaper here that is worth reviewing to get to know Okta’s directory integration better.

We’ve covered universal directory and creating user profiles in a few previous posts, but as a recap, Okta allows you to extend user, application, and directory-level profiles from various sources so they can be managed via Okta if the admins want to.

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