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Okta – Day 15 – End User Support & The Okta Help Center


Okta Basics Curriculum: Okta End User Support + Navigating the Okta Help Center (two courses)

We’re at the end of the Okta Basics training here – the last couple of lessons are about getting support and finding additional resources – I’ve been linking good resources as I’ve discovered them in the help centre and elsewhere, and I have a few others I’ll share here.

These last two lessons are pretty basic – resetting user passwords, resetting MFA, nothing special.

Okta has a toolkit they call the End User Adoption Toolkit that has some interesting resources for Okta admins and customers who are rolling the tool out to their users.

The toolkit includes: 

  • Adoption Project Plan
  • Key Roles and Responsibilities
  • Success Objectives
  • Communication Plans
  • Communication Templates
  • End User Training Plans
  • End User Training Assets
I love a good pre-built project plan…

The Okta Help Center at is easy to navigate, and there are TONS of resources in here to dig into.

They have a couple different ‘ask questions’ options – a question + answer page and a dev forum.

Last page I’d recommend bookmarking is the Okta status page at – always worth keeping an eye on if you’re experiencing any issues with your service.

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