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Okta – Day 3 – Managing Okta-Mastered Users


Okta Basics Curriculum: Manage Okta-Mastered Users

There are 3 types of people or user accounts that can exist within Okta:

  • Okta-Mastered people
  • Directory-Mastered people
  • and Application-Mastered people

The lesson today is about Okta-Mastered people – people who are created directly within Okta (not imported from a different tool or database).

You can add new people manually from the Dashboard via Directory > People

There are 4 attributes that are associated with an Okta-Mastered person’s account which are required: first name, last name, username, and email address.

More information in the Okta Help Center here if you’re looking for additional documentation about user creation.

There’s also a guide here about user account states to help you understand what each state means (Active/Locked Out/Suspended etc).

You can also create Okta-Mastered users with a CSV import – Okta offers a template that you download and fill in and then re-upload – you can’t add custom attributes to the base template, but you can add these fields via the user profile once they exist in the Dashboard.

Last step for this lesson is learning how to add admin rights and roles to users – from Security > Administrators, click Add Administrator and Okta gives you a pop-up with options for admin roles you can assign to your user.

The training course also includes a spreadsheet with full information about each of the admin roles and what permissions each of them have – recommended download to get insights into which role each admin actually needs.

Good start to the training. Tomorrow we’ll learn more about importing users from Active Directory.

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